Another five tips for budget traveling!

So yesterday I shared my first five tips for budget traveling with you guys. If you haven’t read that post yet, click here.  Of course there are many more ways to make sure you don’t have to pay a ton of money to have a lovely vacation! That’s why today I’m sharing my next five tips with you for budget traveling. Continue reading if you’re curious 🙂 !

Tip six: combine multiple cities or countries in one visit. If you’re traveling from Europe from example to.. let’s say the USA, it can be cheaper in the end to visit multiple cities at once. Of course this will make your trip longer and more expensive, but it will be cheaper than having to buy multiple tickets from Europe to the USA if you want to see all those cities. It’s really easy to visit multiple cities in one trip. You can take the train, domestic flights and so on. That way you’ll save the money you’d otherwise spend on different plane tickets from your country to the country you’re visiting AND you’ll get an awesome experience because long trips are great!

Tip seven: make sure to book tickets to certain attractions before you arrive. A lot of attractions like the Empire State Building and London Dungeon for example offer discounts if you book your tickets online. That way you’ll save a couple of euros, dollars or whatever! Also you can check out which attractions are free in the place you’re visiting. In some cities museums are free. Don’t we all love free stuff 😉 ?

Tip eight: this one is kind of related to tip two since it’s also about tourist attractions. If you’re planning to check multiple attractions in one city, buy a city pass. A lot of cities offer city passes and they’re a great way to save a lot of money. City passes combine entrees to different attractions and give you a discount. If you were to buy a ticket to all those attractions separately, you’d pay a lot more than if you’d buy a city pass. Also some city passes include free public transportation, which is great since public transportation is REALLY expensive in some cities. Yes I’m looking at you London!

Tip nine: it’s a pretty obvious tip, but I still want to include it in the list. Food is one of the biggest money drainers, especially if you always eat in restaurants or drink something in bars. I’m not saying you shouldn’t to those things. You should reward yourself from time to time from all the work you’re doing while traveling, but if you want to save money it might be better to buy lunch in a supermarket from time to time. It will save you a lotttt if you just grab some sandwiches or something instead of going to a restaurant. And that way you get to choose your own view! If you go to a restaurant, you won’t get an amazing view most of the time, unless you’re eating in a five star restaurant 🙂 But if you pack your own lunch for example, you get to choose where you’ll eat it. So you can eat your food in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum or wherever you are! That’s a double win: saving money and getting an amazing view!

Last but not least, number ten: decide what your budget is before you go on vacation. There is nothing more annoying than suddenly realizing that you’re low on money while you’re traveling. Plan how much money you have to spend. If you have trouble keeping yourself to that amount, try to divide the money you have in categories, like ‘food’, ‘attractions’, ‘shopping’. When you plan how much money you have to spend in advance, chances are smaller that you’ll spend too much.

Hopefully these ten tips will help you guys to get the most out of your money when traveling! If you have any more tips, leave them down below in a comment and if you guys have requests for other blogposts, please leave them down below too 🙂 Thanks!

PS: I made a youtube video in which I share these five tips. If you speak Dutch, please watch it and subscribe to my channel for more videos on traveling!

Another five tips for budget traveling!

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